Steve Leckie

Steve was born in Liverpool and studied English Literature at Manchester University before taking up a career as a psychiatric nurse. He was active on the Bristol poetry scene in the eighties and nineties, performing at the Bath Festival and the Avon Poetry Festival, as well as on local radio. More recently his story, The Day Joe Strummer Died, was published in the literary magazine Structo. Although Steve does not write directly about his nursing experience, it does inform his writing: he is particularly interested in incidents which either shape personality or illuminate patterns in relationships.
Steve’s manuscript is a collection of linked stories depicting apparently ordinary events which nevertheless carry emotional significance. It features characters from the age of three to seventeen.

In Part One, each story describes a formative event in the life of a single character. Part Two is a novella, mirroring the themes and action of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It features the characters from Part One and is set in a secondary school.
As this story opens, Dermot Mahon is adjusting to a new home, family and school, after a traumatic event which has left him feeling isolated and set apart.