Emily Kay Goodman

Emily Kay Goodman writes short stories and flash fiction. She was shortlisted for the Wells Literature Festival Short Story Competition, and longlisted for the Bristol Short Story Prize, both in 2012. She has since completed short story writing courses at Oxford University and the Gotham Writer’s Workshop in New York City and has worked on a collection of short fiction for her Master’s in Creative Writing at Bath Spa. She currently works as a marketing and branding manager in Somerset and runs the Goodman Mad House of Toddlers at home with her husband.

Emily’s goal in doing the MA at Bath Spa was to create a body of short work that could be used for her first literary magazine submissions. The collection, entitled Punctures, is loosely linked by memories of her home town, Cambridge, and explores moments of public intrusion on private thoughts. ‘Goldfish Face’ and ‘Charming’ are two of the shorter pieces from it.