Adam Ley-Lange

Adam Ley-Lange was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire. After a long stint in Edinburgh he now resides in Bath. Prior to the MA he studied a Creative Writing course with the Open University. He has had short stories published in Almond Press’s debut anthology, as well as the literary magazines Structo and Far Off Places. By day he works in a whisky shop. At night and on his days off he works away at the third and final section of the short story collection from which this extract is taken.

‘The Crib’ is an extract from a story that forms part of Adam’s collection-in progress, in which Bible myths are reimagined and reinterpreted. Strategies include: adopting a different character’s point of view, questioning characters’ motivations, or transposing the story to a contemporary or futuristic setting. The idea is to bring out the more ambiguous and ambivalent aspects of stories, which have traditionally been used as simplistic moral fables. Adam has endeavoured to tread the line between humour and facetiousness in these reworkings. He was brought up with these stories and believes that engaging with them in this way is a profoundly moral exercise.