Sean Magnus Martin

Sean Magnus Martin is a poet from the Lake District. He won the 2015 Battered Moons poetry competition and was shortlisted for the 2015 Outspoken Prize for innovation in poetry.

Flood-Junk, for the most part, represents an exercise in object poetry – it uses the location of the floodplain and its post-apocalyptic context to explore the stories behind a selection of objects, as they are discovered, washed-up by the speaker. A number of sequences also run throughout, a driftwood based reinterpretation of a Scandinavian creation myth, a sequence exploring a ruined cruise liner, and the title sequence ‘Flood-Junk’, which explores the collection’s almost magical location. While writing, I was afforded a great deal of freedom, and was able to write about almost any object I chose, whether it was a cannonball, a lawnmower, or a human heart. These objects took me to many places, to the past, to the future, to darkness and to light, but never once where I was expecting to go.