Lucy Calder

Lucy takes inspiration for her poetry from a wide range of interests. She is enthusiastic about both science and art and has an MSc in Astrophysics and an MRes in Anthropology. She co-authored two articles about cosmology: ‘Dark energy: back to Newton?’ in Astronomy and Geophysics magazine and ‘Dark energy: how the paradigm shifted,’ in Physics World, and has had poems published in Acumen and The Moth. She completed the MA (with Distinction) in Creative Writing at BSU in September 2016 and is currently the subeditor of a book about an ongoing international astronomy survey.

Tycho Brahe in A’ is a lipogram, in which the vowels are restricted. Brahe’s name is full of vowels so this upsets the scheme, but is appropriate given that his work helped to upset the idea of a perfect, immutable celestial realm. ‘The Failure of Logical Explanation’ is based on the fact that rational scientific explanations fall short of explaining contingency. ‘Afternoons in the Green Bird Cafe’ is discursive, reflecting the way the mind wanders. ‘On the Far Side’ came about after I saw a documentary about the moon. I was particularly struck by the image of the Command Module pilot orbiting alone around the moon, while the media focused on the astronauts who descended to the surface.