Helen Grant

Helen Grant is a poet from Wales. She has previously given several readings around the Cardiff area, including reading for the magazine Poetry Wales. Last year she also performed her longest set in Bristol with Hammer and Tongue. Her poems have been published with the magazine Warwick Review, when she was an undergrad, and also with Humans of Cardiff. She has just quit her job in retail to pursue writing with a dedicated amount of time, and so far this year has given a successful reading in Amsterdam, sharing a stage with the only poet to be signed by Def Jam records. She is due to give readings in the US in the summer and is excited about where poetry can lead her, directly or not.

When Helen first started writing for the manuscript she had some very specific ideas, all of which went out the window as the course progressed. After a few months she realised her collection of poems so far all carry the themes of family, prayer, love, breakups, grief, sex and travel. They also work as standalone pieces, yet together give a hurricane of feelings, which most people can relate to. Helen’s title for her first collection is Heavenly Okayness.