Zoë Somerville

From Norwich, and now living in Bath, Zoë is an English Literature and French graduate. She has taught language and literature in Japan, Spain and France but mainly in London, Bath and Washington, D.C. She currently works for the Hospital Education Service, teaching English to secondary age students who are too unwell either physically or mentally to attend school.

Erosion is her first novel and was inspired by the tidal surges of 1953 and 2013 along the east coast. It is a literary historical novel set in 1950s Norfolk about a love triangle that leads to devastating consequences.

It is January 1953 and a body is found floating in flood-engorged waters. We then go back to the previous year. Into the closed world of postwar, rural Britain comes Jack, a charismatic American pilot. Told from the perspectives of childhood sweethearts Arthur and Verity, the story tracks the unfolding of a complicated love affair until a flood sweeps it all away. The novel follows the characters in the aftermath and far beyond to the twenty-first century when, once again, they are confronted by the forces of nature.