Tam Purkess

Tam originates in the cold North but has since spent almost half her life in Gloucestershire, living in a part-restored mill with an overlarge herb garden and three children born the same day. After several Arvon Creative Writing courses, she recently completed an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and will always attend Dr Rona Laycock’s Weekly Writing Workshops.
Published in Graffiti Magazine, Tam regularly reads her short stories on Corinium Radio, but has spent the year of her MA writing her first novel, Better A Gilded Cage. She has growing collections of short stories and poetry.

We, the stone in ‘your’ earth, tell this story. To the minor, mud-smothered, fish-smoking pale of Winterbourne, Joseph, the youngest remaining male, returns from his quest. He has failed. If there ever was a secret to fertility, it has been lost or forfeited.
Joseph has grown to manhood in ignorance of his origin and he and his foster sister are the youngest in a dying society. He will follow a stranger whom he believes to be mad, because he has eliminated all other hope and he will find Small, a place of which everything he has heard is almost true.

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