Susie Barnes

Susie began her working life travelling the world as an adventure tour guide. She hopes to continue this theme through her fantasy writing, which allows her to explore other people’s worlds and take part in their adventures from the comfort of her own desk. (Susie’s other work as a freelance trainer, coach and workshop facilitator generally prohibits the use of magic spells and sword fighting, which has been an ongoing source of disappointment.)

Worldfall is a fantasy novel, set in the island kingdom of Elvaria, the only one of six original kingdoms to have survived an ancient cataclysm. At least that’s what its citizens have always been told. In this extract from Chapter One, we meet seventeen-year-old Edara, trainee warrior and daughter of one of Elvaria’s powerful elite, who is about to discover that neither her family, nor her world, are quite what she thought they were. When tragedy strikes, she must find the courage to leave the safety of the island and go in search of answers.