Rosie Sharratt

Rosie Sharratt is a Bristol-based copywriter. She’s always paid her bills with words; a fact that delights and bemuses her in equal measure. (Previously, she’s worked as a magazine editor, blogger, restaurant reviewer, staff writer and features writer.) But, for Rosie, there’s nothing more satisfying, necessary, fun or wonderfully frustrating than writing fiction. Rosie was approached by Bristol Festival of Literature to adapt a short story for radio and invited to sit on a literature panel at Bristol’s Horror Con.

For One, Long Beat is described by Gerard Woodward as, ‘a rich, multi-layered and complex novel’. Rosie received a Distinction on the Bath Spa Creative Writing MA. The literary women’s fiction novel For One, Long Beat opens as the twenty-two-year-old protagonist, Bryony, falls accidentally pregnant. She considers the alien concept of motherhood by visualising her would-be child – Katie – in everyday scenarios, imagining how a baby could change her life for better or worse. This innocent curiosity soon begins to impact on Bryony’s life and relationships. Katie’s vivid presence forces Bryony to delve into the past and face the source of her crippling self-doubt. In this dark yet compassionate tale of self-realization, Bryony is forced to confront the heartbreaking truth that stands between her, and the person Katie needs her to be.