Peter Deacon

Peter Deacon is a chartered engineer and spent many years in senior positions within the Ministry of Defence. He has worked in operational and technical fields for all three services, including representing the UK at NATO in Munich for the Typhoon fighter aircraft. He is now the director of a successful company jointly owned with his wife. A lifelong aircraft enthusiast and with a passion for military history, having published several papers, he has combined his knowledge to produce an exciting and factually accurate novel of flying and Bomber Command.

The Time Just Before is the story of a Second World War bomber pilot, George, and his life until a final mission. He is infatuated with Millie, an escapee German Jew. Her enigmatic background is as puzzling as the reason she remains in his life. George flies several combat missions and rescues Millie’s siblings from France. Dismissed from his squadron to one whose aircraft carries German speakers, Millie joins his crew. Their relationship and the mysteries surrounding her life are set against the action of flying and combat. This is fiction based on fact.