Mulenga Musonda

Mulenga was born in Zambia and moved to England soon after. As it turned out, she spent most of her early childhood living between both countries. At the age of nine, her family finally decided to settle in London and she has been living in England ever since. In 2013, she completed a BA in English Literature at Goldsmiths University. She currently lives in Luton, where she is working on her first novel.

Where Sound Ends is a modern romance that takes place in a day. It follows two main characters who navigate their way through multi-cultural southeast London, attempting to answer questions about their individual purpose and how this relates to the universe at large. Within the small tapestry of a day, the significance of two relationships unfold. At the start of this day Isaac struggles with memories of his dad: a man who tried to gain a sense of accomplishment through his career as an astrophysicist. As the day draws on, the clever and artistic Rachael draws Isaac outside of himself by questioning his beliefs and providing him with a chance to understand and be understood through an interpersonal connection with another.