Mike Manson

Mike is the author of two novels and four non-fiction books. He is an organiser of the Bristol Festival of Literature. His novel Where’s My Money? (Tangent Books) was featured in the recent BBC TV series The Books that Made Britain. He is looking to work with an agent who will help him take his writing to a wider audience.

Down in Demerara

Felix, thirty-three, computer-savvy but naive, disillusioned with life in the UK, in flight from emotional entanglements, finds himself employed to undertake a study of Guyana’s labour force. Felix’s employer turns out to be MI6, and the task far riskier than expected.
The novel, set in 1999, starts light-heartedly as Felix grapples with the pressures of Guyanese life, its sexual customs, and politics. Soon he becomes aware that the nation is being looted for everything it possesses not just by foreigners but also by its leaders.
He has to come to terms with, among others, Chadwick Jones from the Department of Development Overseas, an array of corrupt politicians, Xavier, his smirking ‘logistics coordinator’ and the beautiful and powerful Tallulah from the International Bank.
Down in Demerara is literary commercial fiction aimed at book club audiences: Adrian Mole (aged 33 ¾) meets Heart of Darkness.