Madeleine Dimitrof

A native of Chicago, Madeleine Dimitroff accompanied her husband to Macedonia and Kazakhstan, where she met expats from all over the world and lived among joyous locals who had little in the way of material possessions. As a result, her value system was permanently altered. They live in London and have three adult children.

In The Mother-of-Pearl Opera Glasses, Maria Meara returns to her beloved Cobble Hill from Tucson and waitresses in a fashionable restaurant. Instantly seduced by her charismatic employer, he introduces her to New York’s finest cultural and culinary offerings. Eventually betrayed, she is determined to be financially independent and enrols in law school. Maria works during the day, attends class in the evenings and tries to avoid being consumed with jealousy by her friends who are married with children.

A professor introduces Maria to a brilliant fellow student, Alex Petroff, and the chemistry between them is palpable. A relationship develops but is driven by Maria’s obsession with her biological time clock. After an unsavory wedding, havoc ensues when Alex accepts a job in a developing country – twice. In following Alex and eventually coping with his untimely death, Maria’s vision of what matters in life is forever changed.