Keith Lennox

A friend and editor of a major publishing house advised Keith he had the makings of a writer and should work on his craft. This encouraged him to join various writing groups before studying Creative Writing at A level and the MACW at Bath Spa. In the last year, he has written several short stories, one of which came runner-up in the Mid-Somerset Festival Competition with the comment ‘outstanding.’ Keith has various novels in development but focused on Strands for the MA. Tutors marking his final dissertation said: ‘ … a bona fide page-turner … [It] goes deeper than that, though. You clearly care about your characters and what makes them who they are.’ ‘This novel is a lot of fun, moves at a furious pace and is oddly compelling. It mixes genres (detective thriller, sci-fi, fantasy) with a playful abandon and seems totally convinced of its own narrative force.’

Following a mysterious car accident in which his beautiful wife Lauren is killed and young daughter Elph goes missing, Detective Inspector Thomas Becket, accompanied by his African Lion dog Benton, tries to find out if his daughter is alive and discovers Lauren was a member of a royal family from another dimension, at war with a rival dynasty. The following extract opens the novel.