Katherine Morein

Katherine Morein comes from an eccentric family of artists, writers, singers, actors, and dancers in Los Angeles, California. She received a BFA in Screenwriting at the USC Film School, and has spent the time since travelling and living in other countries, writing scripts and novels, practising awareness at silent meditation retreats, and pursuing an ever-expanding experience of life. Her predilection for adventure stories, both in the world and in fiction, has led her to write 66 to Wolf while completing her MA at Bath Spa University.

66 to Wolf is the tale of Cat, Spin, and Asher, teenagers who live in an alternate modern day US where a tradition of tribal magic is still present. They must travel along Route 66, the old Mother Road, to take an ancient artifact to a mysterious being called the Wolf. Their quest leads them through the kitschy towns of the historic highway, to a crumbling civilisation on top of a mountain, an ice cave in the middle of the desert, a petrified wood forest, and finally to the Grand Canyon, where they confront dangerous forces in their attempt to restore balance to the world.