Jessica Walden

Jessica has lived in Oxfordshire most of her life but aims to see as much of the world as humanly possible. Taking inspiration for this novel from trips to South Africa and Tanzania, she was eager to put her ideas to good use by completing her BA and MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. For the last five months she has been hunting down further inspiration for her current and future novels in South East Asia.

Leaving The Bones Behind is a novel that spans two timelines; the intertwining narratives show Eliza and Jennifer first building and then reaffirming a tentative bond. Jennifer is eight years old when her abusive father murders her mother. Left with no one else to turn to she is sent to Eliza, a grandmother she has never met before, who runs an elephant orphanage in the African bush. Eliza must overcome her feelings of inadequacy as a parent while dealing with a poaching crisis at the orphanage. Years later Jennifer returns home as a young woman, pregnant and doubtful about her own abilities as a mother.