Jay Millington

As a university lecturer, Jay is well-practised in the art of engaging an audience, but completing the MA has allowed him to take a leap of faith from the rational world of engineering and mine the depths of his imagination instead. His first novel concerned a group of friends who rob a bank for the fun of it. While on the MA he developed one of his many other ideas and wrote a few short stories along the way. Don’t ask which of his characters’ quirks are his own though; he’ll tell you some tall tale.

Q = 3n is a post-modernist novel of comic paranoia about a superstitious professor, Q, who has recently separated from his adulterous wife and moved to start a new job. He ignores his problems with distraction strategies and overcomes his insomnia with cannabis. On using skunk for the first time, his growing paranoia manifests in the form of an imaginary friend, who claims to be his author and suggests that Q’s fears are justified, because he really is being followed.