James Glaholm

James Glaholm began to write fiction at university after realising he had neither the aptitude for life on a tour bus, nor the hand-eye coordination to become a rock musician. In his writing, he loves to explore the beautiful, tragic and humorous facets of everyday, contemporary life. He continued to write after winning the Graham Oliver Creative Writing Prize at York St John University in 2014 and joined the Creative Writing MA at Bath Spa University a year later.

His manuscript, Your Unpolluted Memory, received a Distinction. It’s a story of growing up in modern-day north-east England, revolving around new kid Erica and the ripple effect she has on those around her. It’s written from several characters’ point of view. Themes of the novel include envy and the bitterness with which we, as humans, can often treat the people closest to us. In other words, there are loads and loads of arguments.