Glenn Carmichael

Glenn Carmichael lives in Bristol. He teaches Novel Writing and Creative Writing to adults, and Performance Poetry to young people. His first novel, Still Searching for the Big City Beats, won the Eastside Writers competition in 1998 and was published in 2000. In July 2016 it was re-published by Burning Eye Books.

Still Searching for the Big City Beats is the story of Gene and Spike, two desperate spoken wordsters questing for a break in Thatcher’s Britain. It is the first novel to feature the British Spoken Word scene as its backdrop.

Nobody Came is a sequel to Still Searching for the Big City Beats. Gene Campbell is on the run; a fugitive in Patagonia. As the authorities close in, Gene moves from town to town, addicted to opiates, and mixing with the underbelly of South American society. After a failed suicide attempt he finds Alcoholics Anonymous and begins a slow journey towards recovery. As his life progresses, he is haunted by memories of the traumatic incidents that caused him to flee his home. He returns to the UK to confront his ghosts and relives the events that brought about his demise.