Esther Valmadre

So often in the company of friends and family, Brisbane-born, twenty-four-year-old Esther Valmadre finds herself thinking, ‘You just can’t write this shit.’ So she tried. The term ‘Aussie larrikin’ is one typically associated with young men but having had the privilege of growing up surrounded by hilarious and intelligent young women, Esther became determined to immortalise their unique sass, tomfoolery, wit and wisdom in the pages of a book. After receiving an encouraging Merit for her final manuscript submission, Esther plans to continue working on her debut novel, Too Easy, in the hopes of someday publishing a well-considered, funny and honest representation of life in her early-twenties.

Beginning in a toilet cubicle, Too Easy follows a fortnight in the lives of Carly, Pipi and Nick, three twenty-one-year-olds living in Brisbane, Australia and dealing with everything that life presents at this stage, the ‘second adolescence’ – sexual identity; gender roles; the making and breaking of friendships; the changes that occur in the child-parent relationship; the exciting and daunting concept of ‘the future’; the ambivalence felt towards their hometown; and the evolving way in which they think of themselves and the world around them.