Eleanor St Clair

Eleanor St Clair was born in a small village in South Wales and for a short while was a molecular biologist. After falling asleep on a microscope, an incident that left her with red rings around her eyes for days, she realised that this career was not for her. She turned to her true love – writing – working three jobs while studying to complete her Master’s. Her favourite was in a traditional sweet shop because Sundays were quiet and she could write under the counter while sucking a sherbet lemon. Now she works for a creative agency in Bath and her days consist of copywriting and social media marketing. She reserves the night-time for make-believe worlds and gathering inspiration for her stories.

About LIKE

Set in Bath, LIKE follows twenty-five-year-old Erica as she comes to terms with being single after unceremoniously dumping her boyfriend over breakfast. Trying to keep up appearances on social media, Erica starts to lie about her life and soon the lies spiral out of control and into the real world. The story is interspersed with social media updates, texts and blog posts.