Claire Kendall Muniesa

Claire lives in Bristol and appears to be a respectable mother of boys. She frequently writes surrounded by laundry. Previously she travelled the world, lived at a peace camp, completed a BSc in Social Science, worked as a Latin tutor, an accountant, and briefly as an acrobat in a Mexican circus. She is rumoured to have been a member of a secret society. More recently she’s been Chair of Governors at an inner city school. In short, she’s done the sort of jobs and had the sort of life that you do when you’ve been putting off being a writer. She justifies it as ‘material.’

In the Midst of Life centres around a fatal accident. It’s a tale of intertwined lives (and deaths) that includes elements of magical realism. As we delve into the stories of the victims and those who knew them, meeting them at significant moments in their lives, we find coincidences and connections, and a world full of strange possibilities.