Charlotte Packer

Charlotte is a freelance journalist who specialises in nosing around other people’s homes. She has written three books for Ryland Peters & Small, and is currently Senior Houses Editor at Homes & Antiques magazine. As a freelance writer she has contributed to The English Home, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Observer. More often than not, the stories she really wants to write are off limits: who cares where the curtains are from when there’s a strange friction between the husband and wife? Why is there a hook on the bedroom ceiling, and what’s with the parrots in the broken washing machine? The Creative Writing MA offered Charlotte a chance to explore these mysteries.

You Don’t Know Me is the story of a marriage in crisis. The morning after discovering her husband’s affair, Emma starts writing an email to the lover. But she does not press send. She has more to say, and over the course of many emails the story of her marriage, the affair and its aftermath unfold. The novel is an examination of love, intimacy, shame and reconciliation. It gives a voice to those whose story is rarely found in literature: the betrayed.