Camille Caprioglio Parke

Camille was born in Los Angeles, California and currently lives in Bristol. In between, she’s lived in Berkely, California, Belfast, London and Winchester. In a previous incarnation, Camille was a researcher and lecturer in Social Anthropology. Having two children in less than two years put an end to that. More recently she studied Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and worked as a child counsellor. Camille has spent far too much time accumulating degrees and diplomas that never quite metamorphosed into a lasting career. She has published a number of non-fiction works, including The Irish Language in Northern Ireland (Palgrave Macmillan 1999).

Near Miss is a three-part novel narrated by its two primary characters. This extract is from the beginning of part two, set in northern California in 1989. Tiffany, a former hippy and one-time Merry Prankster, first meets Tess while living on the streets of LA in the 1970s. Tess, twelve years old when she befriends Tiffany, is now about to finish her studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Tess and Tiffany have not seen each other for ten years.


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