Ariel Dantona

Ariel Dantona received her BA from University of Mary Washington and her MA from Bath Spa University. She lives in Virginia and is a lover of all things literary, cinematic, and arachnid.

When the bombs fell, the Earth died in pieces. Humanity withered to scattered tribes, and modern civilization became nothing more than a necrotic memory.
But, in the wake of the destruction, forces of an inhuman nature stirred, crawling from their depths to reclaim the now-vacant land, undaunted. In the midst of it all, as lines blurred and eldritch beings came together in communion, a cursed child was born and abandoned, the product of a forbidden liaison.
Discovered by a human woman, the child was named Oya and reared on the edge of Haven, a settlement as known for its mountain walls as it was for its distrust of foreigners. Her true origins a mystery, she never ventured beyond Haven’s walls.
But, now, a great shift has begun, dark omens seeping across the land, and Oya begins to realize that she is more than she seems. Hunted by malicious forces, she must flee across what remains of America to find the truth behind her birth and the grim fate that has been planned for her.