Andrew J. P. Harris

Andrew was born and brought up in Brazil. Son of an English Literature teacher and an Anthropology teacher he developed a love for stories, especially mythology and its relation with culture. Since Creative Writing was not a subject that existed in Brazil, he did the next best thing and attended an undergraduate course in Letters at the São Paulo State University (UNESP), which had a lamentable lack of any creative characteristics. Andrew made up for this fact by focusing on doing research projects under the supervision of tutors who would allow him to ‘sneak in’ some writing together with the theoretical essays. When the chance arose, he moved to Bath where he completed the Creative Writing MA.

The Prince of the Great Oak is the story of Mallory, a twenty-one-year-old girl who has just moved out of her father’s house to start university. Eager to start a new independent life, she finds her plans disrupted when, while in a park, she inadvertently enters the Path – the infinite forest that connects all worlds. With the help of Dair, born of a goddess and an oak tree, and the Path-cat, Ahara, Mallory sets off on a journey where she will find out about many cultures, and herself.