Morag Shuaib

Morag grew up between two countries and their landscapes: Kuwait and the UK. Exposure to sea, desert and moor gave her a deep love of the natural world, but it was not until the invasion of Kuwait, and the environmental damage in its aftermath, that this realisation crystallised. As a result, she went back to university to study Ecology and Conservation. Later, she completed an MSc in Biological Recording. Morag has worked for The Wildlife Trusts, and volunteered for Avon Wildlife Trust, where she first became passionate about the idea of connecting up landscapes for wildlife.

In this memoir of nature and landscape, Morag looks back to her childhood to discover the roots of her love for the natural world. We follow her journey as she regains her link with nature after the Gulf War. As she gets to know the British countryside better, she shows us wildlife at the smallest scale, as well as the wider landscape. She explores how we can make linkages in the landscape in this time of climate change, and what it means to do so.