Colin Cady

Colin was born and raised in Vermont. He majored in English and received an honorable mention for the 2001 Ora Mary Pelham Poetry Prize as an undergraduate at the University of Vermont. He lived and worked in Seattle for eight and a half years before attending the Creative Writing MA at Bath Spa.

Limbs is a memoir primarily concerned with paternal absence, family relationships, and related questions about identity and one’s relationship to the world. Conceived as a series of vignettes, it endeavors to examine the ambivalence and frequent comedy intrinsic to the fabric of family life, with frequent digressions into other areas of interest to the author. It is in many ways an extended rumination, engaged with the more universal through lines of time, place, and memory. Conclusive findings aren’t the point; Rilke’s admonition in Letters to a Young Poet, to ‘try to love the questions themselves’, could be considered a guiding principle.