This year, 51 aspiring authors contributed to the Bath Spa MA Creative Writing anthology that eventually became Plume.

For one year, we imagined worlds onto the page. We crafted and cut and cut and cut, and before we knew it each of us was well on the way to a finished manuscript. We cover a broad range of interests from literary fiction to poetry, historical novels to memoirs: writing in all its forms.

Throughout our MA, we were lucky enough to be tutored by talented authors who shared incalculable nuggets of writing wisdom that we gathered up greedily and have done our best to distill into our anthology.

We also taught each other. We learned by reading our fellow students efforts and critiquing early drafts. It was easy for our skills to grow in an environment where we could openly give feedback and we lapped it up.

We are excited to see where our writing journeys will take us next. Both on the page and off it.