Welcome to Bath Spa University’s MA Creative Writing Anthology


To The Peacocks

To those proud birds
whose loud cries pierced
our hearts on sun-skimmed grass;
whose teal eyes plumed wide, fanning
imaginations, compelling
us to write.

Chrissy Jamieson Jones

This year, 51 aspiring authors contributed to the Bath Spa MA Creative Writing anthology that eventually became Plume.

For one year, we imagined worlds onto the page. We crafted and cut and cut and cut, and before we knew it each of us was well on the way to a finished manuscript. We cover a broad range of interests from literary fiction to poetry, historical novels to memoirs: writing in all its forms.

Throughout our MA, we were lucky enough to be tutored by talented authors who shared incalculable nuggets of writing wisdom that we gathered up greedily and have done our best to distill into our anthology.

We also taught each other. We learned by reading our fellow students efforts and critiquing early drafts. It was easy for our skills to grow in an environment where we could openly give feedback and we lapped it up.

We are excited to see where our writing journeys will take us next. Both on the page and off it.


There are fifty-one authors featured in our anthology, the biggest anthology that Bath Spa MA Creative Writing has ever published.


SHORT STORIES – Click here to see 5 Short Story writers

NOVELS – Click here to see 36 novelists

POETRY– Click here to see 6 poets

MEMOIRS/LIFE WRITING – Click here to see 4 Life Writers


Safe Cracking, or How to Write Short Stories without Workshops

Adam Ley-Lange shares the similarities between bank robbing and short story writing.   Creative writing workshops were planning meetings for the biggest heist job in history. They were led by someone who’d successfully pulled off a few big jobs in their time, and attended by a group of protégés who were developing some serious loot-grabbing skills …


The Editorial Team would like to thank everyone who helped in the production of this anthology, including:
All the authors for their inspiring contributions, for meeting deadlines and for their enthusiasm and support throughout. This book is a showcase of their talent and reflects all the hard work put into the workshops and submissions during the 2015/16 MA Creative Writing Course.
Authors who volunteered their time, including Ariel Dantona, Deirdre Huston, James Glaholm, Kate Venables, Melanie Golding, Molly Aitken, Morag Shuaib, Mulenga Musonda, Rosie Sharratt, Sean Magnus Martin and Susie Barnes, who all helped with the initial editing.
Jehan Nizar for the fantastic name Plume.
Richard Kerridge, Course Director, for financial authorisation, help and advice.
Gavin Bower for project management.
Maggie Gee and Lucy English for their generous words in the introduction and on the back cover, and all our tutors for their encouragement, vision, feedback and support.
Holly Smithson who did such an amazingly thorough job with copyediting and typesetting.
Tim Vyner and the graphic students, who submitted some truly beautiful designs, and especially Sophie Minto, whose stunning artwork was used for the final cover design.
Helena Maclellan, Dawn Harding and the administration staff at Corsham Court.
Kathryn Clark, Sarah House and Julia Jorgenson, co-editors of this year’s MA Writing for Young People anthology, who assisted throughout the project.
Linda Pinson, Jennifer Faulkner and Anne Corlett, co-editors of last year’s anthology, for helping to get this project up and running.


The Editorial Team

Eleanor St Clair and Val Ormrod – author contributions and editing

Emily Goodman, Keith Lennox, Molly Aitken, Danielle Wrobel and Eleanor St Clair – launch event

Peter Deacon and Clare Gallagher – design

Molly Aitken and Eleanor St Clair – website